RefWorks at UM
The Online Research Management Tool


RefWorks is web-based bibliographic software package that:

  • Creates citations and bibliographies for you
  • Is cloud-based so you can login and access your account from anywhere
  • Collects, imports, and manages your research materials in one organized place

Is RefWorks free?
Yes, the University of Mississippi has a subscription to RefWorks so it is free to all UM students, faculty, and staff. You can log in anywhere on campus or off campus.

How do I create an account?
You don’t have to! RefWorks is linked to myOleMiss. You will be prompted to login when you export from most databases including the Libraries’ One Search box and Google Scholar. If it does not automatically remember your password, click on the box marked “Login Using myOleMiss.”

What is the UM Group Code?
If you need it, our group code is RWUMiss.